Travel Industry Supplier Business Subscription

joining fee of £300+VAT for the first 12 months,
then £195+VAT annually by subscription

Premium Services Features & Benefits

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Upload your specific Covid-19 policies and practices directly to your marketing material**

Buyers will need to know exactly what your policies are and how this might affect everything from service changes to the amount of time on site. You can update your current policies at any time to suit you by using the upload link when you create or amend your Instant Expert© marketing material following the successful completion of any buyer audit.
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Multiple Buyer Type Choice

Assess your business's alignment against a  choice of international and domestic buyer types

You can choose up to 5 different types of buyer audits to test your business’s alignment against and create your marketing material each time so that it is specifically relevant for each one.
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Help videos and personal support with complimentary re-test*

If your business is not well enough aligned to pass a particular type of audit, we have a range of tour operator made videos that explain what the key points are for you to take into account. You can also contact us to ask any specific questions that you may have.
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Update or amend your Instant Expert© marketing material as often as you wish to**

In order to keep your information fresh and relevant, you can update any aspect of your marketing material at any time by logging into your dashboard and selecting the template you wish to change.
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Search & Download

Search and download selected buyer information**

Once you have successfully passed an audit you can search for specific information on any buyer that fits that category, and is looking for a business like yours. You will be able to see exactly what they are looking for and how best to contact them.
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Buyer Search Facility

Buyers can search for your marketing materials by name, business type and geography**

Every buyer can search by a variety of criteria to start a conversation with you. They will have direct access to your marketing material so will know all about you before they even pick up the phone!

*Available if your business is not yet Travel Trade Ready
**Available if your business is Travel Trade Ready



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