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The speed and efficiency of an API combined with the ability to assess any tourism businesses ability to work with the travel trade, present marketing materials and start the conversation; all in one place!

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What Our Travel Trade Ready Platform Offers...

A Bespoke DMO specified analysis tool to assess the travel trade readiness of any supplier against the key criteria for all major buyer types.

Find out if you are Travel Trade Ready?

Suppliers can take up to 5
separate analyses covering
multiple domestic and
international buyer types.

No matter what your business type is!

Step 1

Suppliers select their business type from our list of attraction, accommodation provider, vineyard/brewery torus, pub/restaurant, golf course or tour guide - or you can specify other categories of your choosing.

Step 2

They then choose the type of buyer they would like to assess their business alignment with from our list of tour operator/DMC, OTA, Education operator, Group Travel Organiser or sustainable/Eco tour operator – or you can specify other types of buyer.

Step 3

The supplier is then asked to respond to ten questions weighted in importance to the specified buyer type. A score is instantly generated. If they pass the test (70%) they move on to build their trade friendly marketing materials and can search for and be searched by buyers. They can also opt to take different tests against other buyer types.

Step 4

If they are not successful, there is access to a wide range of help directly on the platform. You can see examples of these below.

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Group 348

Supporting Videos

From Trade

Narrated by tour operators and other trade professionals, including suppliers that have undertaken their own travel trade journey, there is advice on why key criteria are so important that will add context and insights. Suppliers can then re-test as their understanding grows.

And other helpful tools:

Comprehensive jargon buster

Common terms, acronyms and phrases explained in plain English, with no expectation of understanding or previous experience. Travel Trade Ready takes every aspect of the supplier journey one step at a time.

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With lots of great Features such as:

A Search facility for buyers and suppliers

Search for and be searched for by buyers and suppliers
that are looking to work with businesses just like yours!

Suppliers are guaranteed to be travel trade ready and able to work with buyers!

Buyers are definitely looking for suppliers like you!

Trade friendly marketing material can be downloaded, updated and shared instantly to make every opportunity to do business, quicker and more focussed than ever before!

TTR Suppliers can...

Create trade friendly product materials

Our Instant Expert© template is designed to provide just the right amount of key information and insights to get the conversation get on a business footing instantly. With Travel Trade Ready, all the preparation for a great partnership is already in place well before a contract is ready to be signed.

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All in a User Friendly Design

Travel Trade Ready is entirely designed around the user’s experience. Whether you are a supplier or a buyer, every aspect has been considered to ensure that users can move swiftly and effectively across the platform. Use of imagery is key along with video and website friendly pop outs that will not be blocked.

Just some of the buyers you can find on the Travel Trade Ready platform

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Cashel Travel LTD

Group 255


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